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Thank You, Universe

Today was very refreshing, and just good all around, especially after last night when I avoided a possibly very bad situation by a simple stroke of good luck. I happened to leave my workplace 15 minutes earlier than usual, and by the time I got to Gateway station, a Shuttle had just pulled up to the bus stop. Now, there are two Shuttles - one that goes to Guilford where I live, and one that takes you back to Scott Road. I didn't bother to actually check which shuttle it was, I just got on, and it wasn't until the bus turned onto a different road 15 minutes into the ride that I realized I had taken the wrong bus.

So I found myself back where I had originally come from, and thought, "Oh well... I'm sure there must be some reason why I took the wrong bus... maybe I avoided getting shot or mugged, or something. So I got back on the Skytrain and headed back to Gateway. When I got there, there was a huge lineup at the bus stop, everyone wondering why the bus was taking so long. When it finally arrived, I overheard some people talking about how the previous bus (the one I would have taken if I had left work 15 minutes later...) had caught on fire, and had to be evacuated, and a few people were sent to the hospital with severe respiratory problems. Apparently the people in the front of the bus got it much worse than the folks at the back.

So yeah! Thank you, Universe, for helping me to avoid what could have been a very crappy circumstance. Definitely would have ruined tonight's Christmas party here at The Doghouse.

Today's been awesome. This morning I made French Toast for my roommates and I. Made awesome love with my boyfriend. We all exchanged Secret Santa gifts, and torwin_collie surprised me with a small gift - a very elegant silver heart necklace (love my Collie so much). Ran some errands, buying last minute Christmas gifts, and the house was busy with friends over, as we all prepared in the kitchen for a turkey dinner (OMG, SO GOOD!). The dogs got some turkey neck and giblets. We also have this cool channel on TV, that is just of a wood fire crackling. It's pretty cool.

This house is awesome for having friends over. It's so homey, and parties don't get so out of hand like at the last place. I'm just winding down with a glass of red wine and cranberries, and will probably go to bed soon, as I'm feeling the effects of the turkey now.

I must say, I am having a pretty sweet holiday season this year. Happy Holidays to everyone else out there in LJ Land. May your Christmas season be filled with good times and good company! :)
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