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Dogs Update

So, Penny got a new coat for winter. A nice brown suede and fleece one - no, I didn't buy it. It was donated to me last year, and I thought of just giving it to the shop, because I've never put my Chihuahua in clothing, except for at Halloween when I dressed her up in a Witch costume. That was cute. :) Usually she actually does just fine in colder weather, (not like she's outside for very long anyway) but this morning was just WAY too cold... everything had frost on it... it was like almost a burning cold this morning. So I can justify Penny wearing a coat.

She also had a bath today. I got some dry dog food samples from work yesterday, and among them was one Natural Balance's Limited Ingredients Allergy Formulas, Lamb Meal and Brown Rice (Penny's allergic to chicken). I've been mixing it into her Vet prescribed c/d Diet, and in only two days I've noticed that her skin is starting to stink less. Poor dog has skin allergies like nuts, reddish spots on her underside and knees, a bit of balding, flaky skin on her ears, and she's usually pretty stinky because of her skin condition. She was on a t/d diet when she has crystals in her urine, but that was a year ago. She's since been switched onto the c/d, but really I'm not too thrilled with the ingredients, (all corn based...) and I swear she never used to smell so bad before I had her on the Vet food. So I decided to give her a bath today, and see how the Natural Balance food holds up. If it helps her skin, I may just switch her to that permanently.

Her urine is still really dark, but changing her food's not going to make a difference as far as that's concerned. c/d's supposed to be a preventative diet, but if it's going to make her skin stinky and irritable, there's no point in keeping her on it, if it's not helping her urine anyway. I should bring her in for another check up, and see what the Vet has to say about her urine still being so dark. I mean, she's not in any kind of visible pain, her energy level is great, she eats and pees and poops on a regular schedule. She has full bladder control, and doesn't have accidents in the house anymore, and never has them in her crate. She's been dealing with this for a year, and it's not gotten any better, but it also hasn't gotten any worse, so... *shrugs* Dunno what to make of it, really.

Mojo is also doing well. He adjusted to the new place within a day, and now that we actually have a fully fenced in yard,(and it's a pretty damn big yard, to boot!) he can run his fool head off as much as he likes. :-P The upstairs is also much quieter, since it's a completely separate suite from the lower level, so I don't have to worry about the boys not being careful about leaving the front door open, and Mo getting loose again. It is NOT fun trying to chase him down!

I have been considering giving Mojo away. torwin_collie's Grandparents just lost their old three-legged Border Collie to stomach cancer a couple of weeks ago (Tor left Brodie with his Grandpa to keep him company after his old Yellow Lab passed away). They were still pretty heartbroken when we went to visit Tor's family last weekend. They've always had dogs in their life, and they say they're going to take a bit of a break from owning a dog for a bit, but when they're ready they want to adopt an older dog. So I mentioned Mojo to them and showed them some video of the dogs that Tor recently took of them all playing in the yard.

Mo's a great dog, despite some of his weird, skittish behaviors... he's a goofball and actually a very low maintenance dog to care for. But at times I feel that he could be getting a lot more than what he's getting right now. He's never really had the opportunity to bond with any single person here, mainly because there are so many people coming in and out of the house, he's just friendly with everyone. At the same time, though, that makes it REALLY difficult to keep his training consistent, with so many people who spoil him with treats and affection. He has no real direction, and he has an extremely short attention span for learning anything new, beyond the very basics of obedience commands - and then even that's sometimes hard for him. And for a breed that is built to run, (Husky/Greyhound mix) he also doesn't get nearly as much exercise as he should be getting.

Tor's Grandparents have had working dogs their whole lives, so if Mojo were to go and live with them his Grandpa would take him out running every day (he runs like 10k every morning!). Mo would also get the best quality food and care a dog could ask for. But most importantly, Mojo could actually be able to BOND with someone. Instead of just being the communal household dog, he could be helping to make an elderly couple very happy, and get some more personal one-on-one care.

So we'll see how things go. We're planning on bringing all of the dogs to the Island for Christmas anyway, so while we're there we'll bring Mojo to meet Tor's Grandparents.

As soon as I can edit it down a bit, I'll see about getting those dog vids up onto YouTube sometime soon.
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