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I hate this icky, cold, icy weather. I really do. >.< Just got back home from running errands, but I've just mailed off a bunch of packages, so I'm happy. I like sending out mail. ^^ I like getting mail even more. :) And with any luck, I'll now have jakebe to write snail mail to. *smiles and wags*

I have yet another dog. The doorbell rang at 11am, and one of our neighbors, Kathy, was standing at the other end of the door with her little dog, with some other woman and her big dog. I recognized the big guy right away as Decker. He's a big floofy 12-year-old King Shepherd cross, and I've seen him at the dog park a few times. In fact I was just walking down the block a few days earlier, and he was off leash and came to say hi to me. Very sweet dog. His owner, though, was in tears because she has to move to Detroit tomorrow and can't take him with her. She apparently tried looking for someone to take him, but no one seems to want an old hero dog (he saved a kid when he was younger). So she was scheduled to put him to sleep today because she didn't think she had any other options.

But then Kathy ran into her while walking her dog, and recommended her to me. The lady was absolutely distraught, but so relieved that I agreed to take him, and she gave me $40 as thanks and a big bag of dog food for Decker. She said if I could find him a good new home she would be eternally grateful, since he's been such a loyal friend to her for years. So now Decker is pacing about my room, missing his owner, but hopefully he'll be okay within a few days. Although because of how old he is, I'm worried the stress might be a bit much for him, but we'll see how it goes. Meanwhile, my guys are getting along with him just fine, although I'm keeping Calvin separated from him because they're both not neutered and I don't trust Calvin at all.

So, he’s free to a good home. Anyone local wanting to adopt a dog? :)
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