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Well, got things all wrapped up with the creditor today. Found out that I had a joint Capital One account with my Mom, and so was able to transfer the balance of the owed Vancity Visa onto that card.

So, good news is that they are now closing my case file, no bad credit report is going to be filed against me, and my credit will not be ruined for the next 6 years and I won't have to file for bankruptsy. Bad news is that I now have to slowly pay off that debt of $3,500 (plus interest) that isn't even mine.

Tried emailing the hubby explaining what happened, and basically said (as politely as I could...) that I expect him to pay me back the debt in full, within a reasonable time period, when he can manage it, (because I know he's been without work for a while now) otherwise I'll have to get a lawyer and take this to court.

Haven't heard anything back from him yet. Don't know if he didn't get my email, or if he's just avoiding contacting me, which is the whole reason why things got this bad to begin with - because he's been avoiding any kind of contact with me and not cooperating with dealing with important legal matters that NEED to be dealt with. The rare time I actually did get any kind of message back from him, he's now talking about himself in the third-person and not even admiting to being himself anymore... like he's got some kind of multiple personality disorder thing going on.

This is sooo going to complicate our divorce even more. X____x I just want everything to be dealt with in a sane and rational manner... that's all I've ever asked for. *sighs*


In other news, we started moving a bunch of stuff into the new house last night, and should be fully moved in by the 14th. I'm very excited about the new house! :3 It's big, and we can actually make it look pretty!!

I've also been checking out cources for Security training. When I have the money again (ha...) I'm going to take my BST1 and BST2, since they're the prerequisites to becoming a K9 Security handler. Might as well try to get the ball rolling with it, and the BST1 course I can take online so that I don't have to take a full week off work and lose money. :-P

Yay for stuff.
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