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I Wonder If They Know...?

Jango took a trip to the vet's today for surgery. One of his testicles never dropped, so he's having it removed so it doesn't become a cancer risk in the future. He'll take a bit of time to recover, since the surgery will be more like a spay than a standard neuter on a dog. So no roughhousing with Tobi for a while.

I brought him in originally because I notice a viral papilloma growth on his lip. As long as he's under anesthetic, they're going to remove it, as well as X-ray his hips (since I was going to have his hips checked eventually anyway, might as well do it all in one shot while he's out).

He was so scared at the vet today, he tried climbing on top of the window ledge of the exam room! Normally he is unusually happy to go to the vet, and gives bumwiggles and kisses to everyone, but today he was scared of Dr. Chuang! Makes me wonder if they know when they're about to have surgery done. :-P Poor pup. He'll be fine. What a big baby, though.

In other news, I may be doing some in-home boarding and training for a 10-week-old German Shepherd puppy, for one week. It's cool to be able to take care of other people's puppies, and get paid for it. :3 I would love to get into specialty training for working breeds. It's a long-term goal for me to think about.
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