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Ah, To Heck With It...

So, I'm gonna just forget about the whole donations thing... I mean, donations are still welcome, but the idea doesn't seem to be very popular at this time. I am still very grateful to those that helped, and I will continue to save up the funds in my Paypal account. I'm going to be accepting a FEW emergency commissions to raise some money. Might even put some art up on Furbid soon. Also picking up a second job at the end of this month, so hopefully I will be able to afford the shipping soon.


In other news, I somehow managed to avert another crisis yesterday, after Jango swallowed a plush duck toy whole right before my eyes!! He was like a snake! The toy was about the size of a tennis ball. I ran him to my vet, who works 10 minutes down the road from my work, and they pumped him full of charcoal, to make him vomit the toy up. Thankfully he threw it up that same night (well, morning... at like 1am, right as I got into bed). He's fine now, didn't even phase him a bit, and I avoided a $500 surgery! :-P

Last night was a much needed evening of fun and relaxation. Lace and P-Dawg treated Torwin and I to dinner, with Affinity and another friend of theirs who's name I totally can't remember right now, (sorry!) but he owns the Halo Kitty suit! We went to this little hidden place called Salt, that is a neat, and surprisingly posh little wine and cheese tasting bar in Gastown. It was very cool, and I got very drunk. It was fun. :3

Well, back to work I go.
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