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It's Been a Busy Couple of Weeks!

Wow!! What a busy couple of weeks that just flew by!

Well, first thing's first! That Pit Bull that we had found DID get reunited with her family, after only three days. :) Her owners found one of the posters I had put out, on the front window of our shop. She managed to slip out of their back door, and out of her collar somehow. The owners look to be in their late 40's or so, kind of shady-looking at first impression, but the lady was in tears when she saw her dog, and she definitely looked well cared for, so I felt happy for them. Apparently the dog was only 9 months old!! She had just come out of her first heat, and wasn't spayed, and the owners were actually worried that someone might have stolen her for breeding. So they're going to be bringing her to the vet to get tattooed, and hopefully spayed as well.

I retook my driver's knowledge test a little over a week ago, (because it expired before I could get my "N") and got 100% on it (whoo!). They gave me a travel mug as a gift, since it's a rarity that anyone ever gets 100% on the test. :-P Also, because I've already had my "L" for two years, I can pretty much take my "N" driver's road test whenever I feel I'm ready for it. So, all I gotta do now is start driving! Practice, practice, practice! Hopefully I'll actually be able to get a car within the next year or two.

Blue's back in Vancouver!! Even more exciting, she got an apartment, after only being here for a week and a half! The place isn't too bad either, and the Landlady is very nice. :) We'll be helping her move in this weekend.

I'm getting back into SFX Makeup, for Rainfurrest's Zombie theme this year! I'll be offering to do gory gashes and gross things for the attending Furs, in just a couple of week's time. This will pretty much allow me to pay for the con, since I'm a bit tight on cashflow this month (work hours went down a bit drastically this month, but I may be picking up a second part-time obedience training job again at the end of this month).

Thanks to my friends for being my Guinea Pigs, (Blue, Ruggs, Keytone, Torwin, Damion, Lemony, and Meiki) and letting me practice, since I haven't opened up my makeup kit since I was in school, back in 2003! O___o

Makeup - Cut & Scratches

Makeup - Burn with Pus

Makeup - Bullet Hole

Makeup - Bruise

Makeup - Scar

Makeup - 3rd Degree Burn

Makeup - Zombie

Things in general have been going fine, just have been really busy. And now it's bedtime for this Wolfdog! :3 *Zzzzzzzzzz*
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