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Stray Pit Bull!

So, I made a new friend today.

Stray Pit 01

Stray Pit 02

Stray Pit 03

Stray Pit 04

Stray Pit 05

Stray Pit 06

Stray Pit 07

Stray Pit 08

She was just hanging around the corner from work, near the patch of grass I normally take the Daycare dogs out to pee. I had one of our Daycare Beagles with me, when I turned the corner and saw our groomer there with her German Shepherd, looking very worried - and then I saw this Pit Bull. I asked Roxanne if it was a loose dog, or if there was actually an owner around, and she said it was loose, and she was obviously quite distressed as the dog was checking out her dog. Then the Pit saw me with the Beagle, and came over, and the first thing I thought was, "Crap! What if she tries to kill this Daycare client's dog!" Thankfully she was friendly, and just sniffed the dog I had curiously, and followed us a bit, when I decided to just turn around and casually walk back to the shop's entrance.

Then I thought, well... this dog's obviously somewhat socialized, and not attacking anyone... looks in good shape. It would have been totally wrong of me to just let a random Pit Bull continue to wander around the streets of Vancouver, with no collar or tags at all. So I called her to me, (she came over very happily) removed the leash I had on the daycare dog and just held her collar, so that I could use the leash as a noose to slip over the Pittie's head. She was totally cool with a total stranger roping her, and bringing her back into the shop. My boss suggested we keep her in a crate in the grooming room until we figured out what to do with her. I felt bad about calling the pound, so I opted to bring her home while we attempted to find the owner. I spent the last hour at work passing out "Found Dog" posters.

She's in our backyard right now - has to stay outside in our dog run, because, as non-aggressive as she appeared with other dogs in the beginning, I just don't want to risk bringing her inside with the other four. She's now got a heavy chain on her that connects to the fence just outside of the run, as an extra precaution, in case she decides that she wants to Houdini it out of the run, she won't be able to get very far (cos that run's not exactly Pit Bull proof, and goodness forbid she gets out and starts running around loose in Surrey... that's where most of the dog attack headlines come from!).

She's super, super sweet, and nothing but wiggle bums!!! She looks like she's maybe only a year or two, tops... great teeth, healthy weight. Some scabbing on her face, and on one of her ears though, and very worn down nails, which makes me suspect that she might be an outdoor dog, who probably got loose from someone's yard. Such a shame... she's well socialized too. Makes me wonder why on earth she'd not have a collar or some kind of ID. :/

Hopefully her owners turn up soon, and hopefully they aren't scummy Pit Bull owners. -____- That would make me very sad to give her back to them. But in the meantime... we have a new Canine Guest. :3
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