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Photo Dump!

Finally just got around to posting up the pics I took from three weeks ago, when Tor and I took the pups with us to Vancouver Island, during BC Day. They had so much fun, and Jango swam in the Ocean by himself for the first time! :3 We also found a cool dog park for the two of them to romp around in.


Drink at the Fountain


Taking a Rest

Jango and Tobi Through the Tunnel

Jango Through the Tunnel

Tobi Through the Tunnel

Jango Fire Hydrant

Jango Laying on the Gravel

Jango's First Swim in the Ocean

Jango is now weighing in at around 35lbs, at four months old. He and Tobi started Puppy Obedience Class tonight. It was quite fun. :D

On an interesting and odd note, a couple of days ago, when Tor and I were out walking the boys, someone asked if Tobi was a Pit Bull. This is actually the second time within about a month that someone's asked this question. I know that probably a fair amount of people have never seen a smooth coated Border Collie before... but "Pit Bull"?? This just proves that breed bans are absolute BS, because many people simply cannot identify dogs by their breeds, just to look at them.

I find this just amusing beyond belief, that and I get asked a lot if Jango is a mixed breed Rottie/Dobe. He's a bit thin in these pics, because I was still adjusting his food portions at that time, but he is now a healthy weight, and eating four cups of food a day. O___o Just waiting for his next growth spurt. :-P

Anyway, off to bed for this Wolfdog. *Zzzzzzzzzzz*
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