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More Pics, and Video!

Well, our visit to see Jango's parents went very well. :) Jasmine and her hubby, Palmer, are very nice folks, with very friendly dogs. Although, Jango had the scare of his life when he first entered the backyard, as both of the big dogs came running up to greet him! :-P He screamed his head off, but quickly got over it, once he realized that no one was hurting him. I wonder how much of that place, or his parents, he actually remembers, if anything.


Jango's Dad, Rocky, is a two-year-old German bred Rott. He's actually not quite as huge as I was expecting. He's still big, but really not much bigger than Rogue is (our Daycare Rottie). So Jango should grow up to be a manageable size. :)


Jango's Mom, Spice. She's seven years old, and American Bred. Momma was not as thrilled to see her puppy again, as his Dad was. :-P Mom was like, "You're back?? I thought I was done with you puppies!" She was a very sweet girl, though. :)

Jasmine and Palmer were really happy to see how the baby was doing. We've been invited to visit again sometime in the future, maybe after the summer, when the weather starts to cool down. In the meantime, I'll keep sending them pictures. :3
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