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My Karma Is Back With A Vengeance!!

Today was a happy day! iron_raptor came over, and between the both of us, we were actually able to get a lot of artwork done. :) He managed to get three sketches finished, two of which were commissions he recently got. And I was finally able to finish a drawing, a piece of gift art for scullyraptor. I'm now in the mood to get gift art done, so a select few of you out there might be getting a surprise within the next month. ;)

On top of that, I was running errands today, mailed off some finished commissions, and I popped by the Art Emporium near my house just to see if they might have a sketchbook I could use. The old dude that owns the shop is REALLY nice, and every time Blue and I used to go there to buy art supplies, he'd always give us a little discount. :) I hadn't really thought to look there, however, because usually all they have are the cheaper-papered pads, at horribly expensive prices, since it's just a small private business. But I must have gone in on a lucky day or something, because they had some NICE 110lb. 11X14" ringed pads, for $20!! I was so happy I bought two, and then somehow convinced Raptor to get one for himself as well! *LOL*

So I have my new pads, and good inspiration to draw again, so I'm happy and I feel all floofy inside. *wags and sends out love to all of her friends* ^.^
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