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Torwin and I are Parents!

Not like that... ;3

I got a new puppy earlier this week. A Rottweiler. XD He's just barely 8 weeks old now. His original owner bought him from a breeder in Abotsford (very young though, at only 6 and a half weeks old...). Apparently he was supposed to be a present for her 14-year-old brother, but when her parents found out, they were all like, "Oh no you didn't bring a Rottweiler into this house! Get rid of him now!" So now I have him. Mom's American bred, and Dad's German. I named him Jango, and so far he's been a pretty good little baby (despite the fact that he wakes up at 5 in the morning screaming his head off... oy, babies...).

He's got a pretty calm personality, for the most part. He's playful, as all puppies are, but he's also really calm/tolerant of everybody handling him. I'm having as many people handle him as possible right now, and he's good with all of my roommates, and all of the noise and chaos that goes on around the house. Good with touching his paws, ears, mouth, everywhere on his body, really. I clipped his nails the first day he got here, with no problem at all.

He's not too possessive of his toys or food. He'll watch the other dogs when he has a toy, and maybe retreat to his bed with it, but he doesn't show any aggression. He lets the other dogs approach him and drink water beside him while he's eating. I can put my fingers in his bowl and take out and put back in kibble, and pet him while he's eating, and he's very relaxed.

He's well on his way to being housebroken. The first day he had a few accidents in the house, but now that his eating schedule is becoming a bit more regular, his bathroom schedule is as well. He will pee and poop outside, and if he can't make it outside in time, he's learned to use the Puppy Pads. He still cries for the first 15 minutes or so when he's put in his crate, but he does sleep through the night, and so far he's not had a single accident in his crate overnight, which absolutely amazes me, considering how young he is!

After only four days, he's already learning his basic commands. He's starting to respond to his name, and he's got a very decent recall already. Follows me all around the house. He's getting the hang of "Stay" and waits in his crate before coming out on a "Break" command. He's learning "Sit" and "Off". He's slowly learning "No" and I'm starting him with "Aus" as his Out/Let Go command when he has something in his mouth that he shouldn't have. I'm going to teach him all of his basics in English first, and once he hits the 6 to 8 month age, I'm going to start translating them into German, as his temperament is looking like he'll grow into a decent working dog. He's also got great form and stance. It's hard to tell at this age, but I wonder what his conformation will be like when he gets older.

I guess working only part-time right now isn't so bad, as it gives me time to take care of the Baby Jango Bear. Days I'm working, Torwin and I switch off parent duties. Tor's getting a puppy of his own, soon. Last week we drove 3 and a half hours out to Keremeos to see a litter of 3-week-old Border Collie pups, and we put a downpayment on their last black and white male. So he'll be ready to come home around mid to late July. Tor's naming him Tobias (Tobi for short). I'm hoping to have Jango pretty much trained in most of his basic commands by the time the new puppy shows up.

OMG, Babies!!! *tailwags* So exciting! ^______^ I will post up pics and video as soon as I can. :3
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