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Young Whipper Snapper!

Oy. 23 dogs in Daycare, today, and naturally all of them are rowdy as hell, and I'm sure I'll have no voice by the end of the day. O___o

One of our new adolescent dogs needed to be put in his place today. Majorly. Dakota is an 11-month old Rotti/Shepherd mix. Generally a pretty friendly dog, but has a tendency to be very dominant with the other dogs. He's got just that little bit of a pushy attitude that pisses our older, dominant males off. Especially when he goes right into the mix, with his ears and tail right up, and tries to mount the other dogs, or plays too rough. And when the others try to tell him off, he doesn't back down, and can get very nasty in return.

So, I finally got tired of his attitude, and decided to do something about it. Usually we can spray them in the face with the water bottle and that does the trick, but Dakota really needed to be brought down a couple of notches. So as soon as Dakota tried dominating Charlie-Brown, our big Pit Bull, (a very bad idea to try to win one over Charlie-Brown...) I grabbed Dakota by the scruff and pulled him off, and tried to get him into a Down.

OMG, talk about a defiant, cheeky dog. Would not down, not at all. So I tried to reinforce it. Nope. He locked his legs, and used all his weight to fight a Down. So I pulled his Martingale collar right up high, pulled the chain part up tight and tried to grab his back legs out from under him and flip him on his side. He still fought it, and started trying to grab at my arm.

All this time I'm trying to get him in a Down slowly and calmly, but after he tried to use his mouth, I just grabbed him and hauled his ass over. Fuck that shit, dog... you're going down whether you like it or not. He tried to wiggle free, and I just kept him down on his back until he finally gave up and went limp. I waited about half a minute before letting him up.

What do you think he did after that? Went right back to try to start crap with another dog. So I went to intervene again, this time hoping that since I got him down once, he might be more responsive the second time. I grabbed his collar, put him in a Sit first, (which he did) then asked for a Down. He fought it again, so I tried to make him again. This time he did grab my arm, and so I grabbed his bottom jaw and squeezed his lip into his teeth, and then pulled his jaw down. He whined and tried to pull free, but I grabbed him and hauled his ass over again, this time pinning him down by his throat. He was much quicker to give up and go limp on his side this time, and I let him up again.

The hard part is trying to roll a dog and stay calm and focused about it. If you lose your temper, the dogs freak out and become fearful. I don't recommend anyone try to roll a dog if they don't know what they're doing. You have to be sure of yourself and always follow through, and you definitely have to be sure of the dog's temperament, and know how to read their body language so you don't get seriously hurt.

Dakota was just more pushy than truly aggressive. He's spent the rest of this morning so far following me around. He's laying by my feet as I type this, being nice and calm. He knows his place now. His owner will be really happy to hear about that!
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