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Trying To Keep The Stress Away

It's almost 1:30am, and I can't sleep. So figured doing a LJ, and watching some YouTube vids might get me sleepy.

Tried to do my taxes this weekend, and found out I can't, because I am missing certain Spousal information, like how much Tim earned in 2008. Can't move forward very much until I get that info from him, which has been slightly difficult seeing as how we're not on speaking terms atm. But I'm going to look into seeing an accountant, and figuring out what I can do with my taxes, if anything, in the meantime. I wish that still being legally married didn't come with such complications. -___-

Did a little bit of cleaning around the suite this weekend, though I can't do much until the two boarding dogs I'm looking after have gone home. They'll be going on Monday night, and then I can do a full mop of the floors here and get rid of all the muddy paw prints. :-P

Decided I'm not going to be doing in-home boarding anymore. It's just becoming a bit too much of an inconvenience, especially the odd time a dog decides to be noisy. Not fair for my roomie, pat_the_fox, to have to deal with that. Plus boarding usually falls on a weekend that my friends are out doing fun stuff, and I can't be a part of the fun because I'm stuck at home. Now, with Blue gone back to Toronto, I ache for my weekend time out with the boys even more.

Mojo has pretty much earned total freedom outside of his crate, now. Since my boarding Lab has been borrowing his crate for the last two weeks, I decided to test him out in my room first. He did very well, so I bumped him up to the living room. He's been awesome, so once this boarding dog goes home, Mojo won't have to be crated anymore during the day while I'm at work (but I'll leave the door open for him, just in case he wants to be in there). He's also getting off-leash freedom in the backyard now, with supervision, (since it's a low fence, and there are holes that he could escape out of if he wanted to) and I'm doing some perimeter training with him, so that he learns to stay in the back part of the yard only, and doesn't go pooping in the front part of the yard. :-P

My uncle Mike, who I haven't seen in YEARS, is also coming to visit me this week. It'll be good to see him again. :3 *wags*

Spent the other night chatting online with an ex-boyfriend of mine, who is a total sweetheart. Despite the messy breakup we had, and the three years of non-communication, it's been good to be back in touch with him and be back on positive terms. He's still the friend I remember from way back when, even happier and more successful now. Good on you, hon. ^^ *noselicks*

Apparently my sex drive has also been kicking into major overdrive, recently. O___o Starting to draw the Furry Pr0ns again. May have a few new images pop up onto my FA account in the next couple of months.

The week hasn't even started yet for me, and I already can't wait for the weekend to come again!! I really hope that I can get out to visit a certain Sheppy, either this or next weekend. I really enjoy the company, and for all the stress and slight panic I've been feeling lately, I could really use a good cuddle. Thanks for chatting with me on the phone the other night, when I was going a little crazy.

Love my friends. You guys are all awesome. *hugs all around*
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