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Dammit, I need to find some way to get Mojo to bark. He is the quietest dog I have ever known. I know he *can* bark, cos I've heard him tell off some of the Daycare dogs before, and he can sound pretty darn mean when he wants to. :-P

We've been getting a lot more homeless people and druggies hanging around the ally way again, literally right outside of our back gate. It'll start getting worse now that the weather is getting nicer out. Homeless people in general don't really worry me. I don't mind if they dig through our recycling. It's the druggies that bother me. One night there were three guys huddled *right* on our back driveway doing something... and I had to squeeze by them to get through our back gate. O___o

We have two BEWARE OF DOG signs, on the gate and on the door to our suite, but somehow having a Chihuahua, and a happy-go-lucky, ADD-prone Husky/Greyhound mix doesn't exactly make me feel all that safe, especially when I have to go out at night. At times like this, I really miss my German Shepherd, and I miss having the Bullies. So maybe I like the idea of having a "tough" breed, but considering I'm a small female, why is it so bad to want to feel a little more secure? When you own Pit Bulls, people tend to not want to bother you.

So, I'm going to see if Christine can help me teach Mojo to bark on command, like the alarm training I did with Zena (the sound in this video is kind of horrible... not sure what happened to it, but the original video's sound is not this bad...).

I'm not sure how much success I'm going to get with him, just because Mojo is such a happy, excitable dog, and even at his most excited he barely makes a peep, but we'll see how things go. I'm going to be starting him in Agility this week, though, just for something fun to do.

On a side note, there is a *slight* chance that I may have the opportunity to personally train a new dog, in another two months or so. That Presa that came to me through Petcetera may need some extra work. I actually referred her to my boss, Christine, for training, just because I felt that Petcetera's methods wouldn't be enough for the dog and her owner. Christine's classes deal a little more with how to be a strong, assertive leader for your dog, and are all about reinforcing commands, rather than treat-training. And with a dog like a Presa Canario, which is a natural guarding and working breed like most Mastiffs are, you need to be able to be dominant and confident in your handling. Bella is a really sweet dog, but her owner just doesn't have the dominant personality to be able to properly handle her dog. Not to mention she's an older woman, with arthritis in her hands, and she has a hard enough time even walking her dog (I have no idea why she chose such a large, powerful breed...).

Hopefully everything goes well for them, and Bella's owner gets the confidence she needs out of taking Christine's class, to be a strong leader for her dog. But if she does need any extra work afterward, I'd be thrilled to have the chance to train that dog myself. :3 *wags*

In other news, Blue went back home yesterday. It was awesome having her over for the winter, and I'll miss her not being around. I look forward to when she comes back in October.
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