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So, apparently I can't eat breakfast. I don't know what the heck kind of bug this is, but for the last week, every time I've sat down at the breakfast table to eat with Blue, I've either gotten sick immediately after eating, or have come very close to it. Doesn't matter what I have. If I have a half a bowl of cereal, I puke it up. Yesterday I had two pieces of toast - threw that up, too. Tried to have a very small bit of yogurt this morning, thinking it would help with digestion, but that instantly came back up as well.

I have Stomach Fail. *sad face*

Seems I can eat at any other time of the day, and as much as I want, but right now mornings absolutely hate me. So I am starting to pack bigger lunches, so that I can start with eating something small, like a fruit, at around 10am. Then like a PB&J sandwich closer to noon. Then maybe something bigger around 2 or 3pm, and another snack around 5pm. Then dinner rolls around at about 7pm, and I can eat a big meal just fine.

I was just really getting into my new breakfast routine, too. :/ Well, on an up note, at least skipping breakfast for now means that I can sleep in for an extra half-hour.

*eats a banana*
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