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I Got Full Of Shepherd Today

I know what you're thinking...

Dirty. ;-P

Today was interesting. Didn't start off too great though... I puked up my breakfast this morning. Not sure what that was all about, but I've had to really watch what I was eating today, so I've mostly been feeling either sick, or hungry all day, which kinda sucked.

Work was neat. We got in two German Shepherds for grooming today, both retired S&R dogs. Really sweet dogs, brother and sister. The male was a friggin' HUGE, handsome man. Big sucky baby, too. :3 I'm glad that both of them were very good and patient, because most dogs would get grumpy with the amount of work Blue and I had to do on them. One thing you learn about real well in a Grooming Salon are how to deal with different types of dog coats, and Shepherds are one of the absolute worst breeds for blowing coat. Didn't help that the two hadn't been properly groomed in about three years, and so they came in wet from the rain, and matted to hell. After Blue bathed them, I had them each tied up to the corner grooming ring, and blew their coats out with the high-velocity dryer like a mofo. There was Shepherd fur EVERYWHERE!!!!! O_____o OMG, I was practically eating it. I had it all over me, up my nose, in my eyes, in my ears. I am still going to be finding Shepherd fur a week from now. The owner was very happy, when he came to pick them up, though, so I think they will be repeat clients.

We've also been getting a lot of calls for Guard Dog/Protection training, lately. Some security company called the other day, asking if we provided protection-trained dogs, because they wanted to start up a K9 Unit.

Another guy called this morning, asking if he could get his 12-week-old Doberman puppy trained in obedience and guarding. I had a very in-depth conversation with him, letting him know that we could help him out with obedience, but that he'd not want to even think about protection work until his dog is at *least* a year old, and is like at *least* 90% spot on with all of his obedience. So I signed him up for Puppy classes to start with, and suggested that he do the Basic, Intermediate, and Advance classes as well, if his dog does well enough. He was totally enthusiastic about it, too! I went over all of the proper training equipment he would need for the class. I gave him a bit of advice on how he could start establishing himself as the Alpha, with his dog.

I said, if after a year, his dog is like super stellar with his obedience, and he's still interested in protection training, we could point him in the right direction, since the old owners of our shop do work in K9 security, and narcotics and bomb detection. Really, the dog also needs to have good enough nerves to do protection work, too, and Dobes are known for being pretty nervy dogs. He seemed like a nice enough owner, just a bit ignorant and inexperienced when it comes to owning a breed like a Dobie. But he lives all the way in Squamish, and is willing to drive an hour and a half to come into classes on Saturday mornings, so at least he is dedicated to his dog. We'll see how it turns out.

I hope that we eventually get into training protection work. I would friggin' LOVE to get into that. At the very least, I know that my boss said she wants to eventually offer alarm protection training, like what I did with Zena back at Gemini K9, with my last trainer. That stuff is so much fun. :3 *wags*

*does a little sheppywuff dance*
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