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My GOD, my stomach won't shut up! O___o I swear, it's like every five minutes it's screaming, "Feed me now, bitch!" for the last week, since I started my new nutrition program. Cripes. Who would have thought that eating a regular, healthy, balanced diet, on a steady routine every day would have kicked my metabolism into overdrive. I literally have to eat every few hours, or my stomach aches like I'm starving. I don't know where all the food is going, but at this rate I'm gonna be spending a bitchload extra on groceries every month. I damn well better gain an extra 10lbs this year, or I'm gonna be pissed. I hate being hungry all of the time! Goodness help me if I ever got pregnant! I would be eating EVERYTHING!! >___<

So, I've been thinking about quitting my obedience trainer job at Petcetera. Honestly, as much as I like working with the clients, and helping them turn out happy dogs, Petcetera itself, as a venue, sucks ass. The management is crap. I'm still waiting for graduation certificates and evaluation forms that are six weeks late, and now I'll have to mail them out to clients who have already graduated. Mondays are not registering at all, and the only few Thursday classes I have, the people don't show up half the time.

I'm not getting paid enough for the Petcetera job to be a benefit to my training career. Plus it's not like I really need it for the money anyway, since I have the day job at Absolute K9/Downtown Dogs. I may as well work full-time there, instead of taking the Monday and Thursday nights off, since Christine has said that she'd be happy to have me as an assistant trainer once the next Puppy class starts up.


I think I'll wait and see if anyone else actually registers for the new year. If no one new registers by the end of this month, I'm going to get in touch with my Supervisor and just let her know that Petcetera just isn't working out for me, and I've been asked to do training at my current workplace. I hate quitting after only four months of working there, but that place seriously needs to get its act together. Doesn't help that there's a Petsmart opening up literally right across the street from them. That's gonna be some competition!

Mmmmm... sleepy... *curls up*
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