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Damn Reality Shows...

"The Average Joe, Hawaii" is the most sadistic show I have ever seen. X.x It's even worse that the original. I know it's just a stupid reality TV show, and I normally don't watch them, but I just happened to catch the end of this one.

You get a bunch of “average” looking guys, shove them all in one place and have them compete with each other to win the love of some tall, gorgeous, super model chick. Everyone gets their chance for a one on one date, and at the end of each show she has to eliminate a few guys. Then when they were finally down to the last three, at the last minute they bring in three hot, studly guys to basically break the wills of the Average Joes. I watched most of the first season with Bluey, just to see what it was all about. But by the end we both concluded that it was stupid, and the final guys were all jerks anyway.

So now they’ve got a new one! And I'm sure that everything is most likely planned out and done by script, but it's just the idea behind the whole thing that's twisted. Now they're just getting vicious! Same routine, only this time they’ve brought in like half a dozen model type dudes to compete with the Joes. And holy hell, are they ever MEAN! I mean outright insulting, will-smashing, heart-breaking Mean! O.o

I never understood what people find entertaining about playing with Human emotions. That’s just… so very wrong… >.< *flicks her ears*
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