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How Well Do You Know Me Quiz Results!

Okay! The results are in for the How Well Do You Know Me quiz, and here they are!

notasiwas_blue is first place, and ultimate winner! She scored 64 out of 66, but then she is my best friend of 12 years and would have naturally beat the pants off of everyone else anyway. ;)

pat_the_fox came in at a close second place, with a score of 46. He was the first one to get the answer right for which celebrity or talent I would want to meet, without missing a beat. :) Also, his answer of "a spoon" for a "dessert" island was awesome. ;)

jaxxblackfox comes in third place with a score of 41. She naturally got what my favorite *type* of dog is, AND her answer for what I would bring on the Island beat the snot out of everyone else's answer... but I'm not going to post up what her answer was here. ;) Jaxx, you rock seriously hard core for that one! X-D

rexxwolfe is in fourth place, with a score of 35. Lex, you totally get points for naming one of my fave bands correctly. ;) Blue was amazed you remembered that one!

p_dawgydog and lanakila tied at fifth place, with a score of 26. Congrats, P-Dawg and Lana! Especially since you guys don't really know me all that well, your improv amused me greatly! ;) P-Dawg, you got the ethnic background question bang on, dude! Also, your Island answer was very... interesting. ;) Lana, your answer of "T." for my middle name, although not 100% accurate for my *real* name, was damn smart thinking for my wolf name! :-D

Thanks to all of those who participated. Maybe I made it a bit challenging for most of my other LJ Friends out there, but I thought it would be interesting nonetheless. :) So here are my official answers, for anyone who is curious.

(1 Point) What's my middle name: Maia

(2 Point) What's my ethnic background: I was looking specifically for "Black and Jewish" but I also accepted Hungarian, and French-Canadian. No points for African-Canadian, because my dad is not from Africa - he's from the Islands (Barbados).

(2 Points) Jessie is a Black Canadian Timber Wolf, mixed with what breed of dog: German Shepherd Dog

(1 Points) What is my Zodiac sign: Cancer

(1 Points) Do I prefer Coke or Pepsi: Coke (I was an addict... I've switched to herbal. *grins*)

(3 Points) I have many favorite breeds of dog, but what is my favorite *type*: Bullies! More specifically, Bull and Terrier types. Molosser types would have been a very close second (includes the Mastiffs, Dogue do Bordeux, and the Rottweiler).

(2 Points) Where and when was I Guest of Honor at a Furry Convention: FWA, 2005

(3 Points) What is my art style inspired from: Classic Disney, and Balto (fyi, Balto was not created by Disney - it was created by Amblimation animation studio, before Steven Spielberg co-founded DreamWorks).

(4 Points) How much do I weigh (give or take 5lbs): I tend to fluctuate between 87 and 91 pounds.

(2 Points) Am I a Top or a Bottom: I liked Blue's answer for this one the best - Top, with occasional Bottom tendencies. X-D

(3 Points) Do I drink/What do I drink: Yes, I am a social drinker. I like the fruitier alcoholic beverages (coolers like Vex, Smirnoff, Bacardi... and cocktails/mixed drinks), I love my Bailey's Irish Cream, and I am partial to wines (reds, or Rieslings). Oh yes, and chocolate liquors (I love Brandy Beans!). :) Recently, I have also developed a taste for Corona (I am normally not a beer fan).

(4 Points) What two Professions do I hold certificates in: Special Effects Makeup Artist, and Obedience Trainer.

(2 Points, +1 point for each name) How many pets do I currently have: Two - Mojo (Husky/Greyhound) and Penny (Chihuahua).

(3 Points) What are 3 of my favorite things to do: So many here... I accepted drawing, watching movies, hiking, hanging with my friends, fursuiting, partying, training the dogs, among other things.

(3 Points) What are 3 of my favorite bands/music artists: I was looking for Queen and Pink Floyd, which hardly anyone got! :-P I gave points for Matthew Good Band, David Bowie, Silver Chair, Bare Naked Ladies. I would have also accepted Gorillaz, The Beatles, Lisa Lobe, among many others.

(3 Points) What are 3 of my favorite types of movie genres: I am a friggin' movie freak. ;-P Genres I love the most include Animated films, Musicals, Comedy, Fantasy, and Horror.

(1 Points) What is my favorite color: Purple

(3 Points) Name one of my biggest pet peeves: Irresponsible pet owners... people who interrupt me in the middle of an important thought and then I have to repeat myself all over again... Messiness and chaos... people who are unreliable... Hippocrates.

(3 Points) Name one thing I do when I get stressed or bored: CLEAN!!!!!!!!!! And sometimes I cook as well.

(5 Points) What was the last Convention I was at: Howloween 2008

(4 Points) Name 4 medias of art I work with: Color pencils, digital (Photoshop), special effects makeup, 3D modeling (Lightwave).

(5 Points) If I could meet any one celebrity/talent (dead or alive) who would it be: Dead would be Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets! Alive would be The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. :)

(5 Points on creativeness) If I was stranded on a dessert island, what would I bring: I actually don't have an answer for this one. *lol* Points were given for creativity, and also Pat pointed out my typo of "dessert" instead of "desert." Must be one tasty island. :)
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