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FC, Here I Come!

So, I am registered for FC, and I have booked my Greyhound and flight tickets. It is official - I am going to FC 2009. :)

I AM NOT TAKING COMMISSIONS, OR DOING ANY ARTWORK FOR ANYONE!!!!! I am already 3 years behind in commissions, which is *really* way too long to be behind, and I need to catch up. So no badges, no trades. No nothing.

I am going to this con to have FUN. I have never been to FC before, so I want to actually experience it, socialize with some old friends that I haven't seen in a while, and of course I am always open to meeting new friends as well. :)

And I am *so* going to fursuit! I am totally digging the whole fursuit thing. May even do the dance again. :3 *wags*

Hells yeah, 2009 is going to be my con-catching-up year. I'm also prepping for AC, and wanna do MFF next year too, since it's been ages. I've really just been so out of the loop. Time to have some fun, yo! ;)
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