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Mojo Is Cute

Mojo is so awesome. I totally love having this dog around. He's just so happy-go-lucky, kinda big dumb lug-ish, like Barkley was, tho Mo has the added bonus of having a great sense of humor and being a joker, combined with the tappity-toe dance that he does on a frequent basis. Dog's a friggin' klutz like nobody's business, since he's all legs and has very little coordination when he's not running... and he likes to spend a lot of time rubbing his head and shoulders along the ground, with his butt stuck up in the air. But he's lovable, and is an all-around good, easy, laid back and very agreeable dog.

I've had all three dogs in my room for the last couple of nights, and Sweetie doesn't seem as annoyed by Mo's overly enthusiastic presence anymore. They're both laying right here beside me on the fleece carpet, just chilling before bedtime. I'm glad it's finally a bit quieter in the house today, as all of the dogs have been going nuts for the last few days since my friend had to go to the hospital. Dogs just *know* when shit's not right, and they will show it. >__< Hopefully things will be a bit more back to normal by next week.

I hope that I will have time to draw this week. I've been wanting to *so* badly, but now switching to full-time has got me dead tired on the weekdays after work, and all I want to do is sleep. Need to get some rough sketches out asap. Christmas is a coming!! O____o
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