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Look you... fuck the hell off. I'm seriously not even joking. I know you'll see this, because you still have some freakishly weird obsession with stalking my LJ and *looking* for shit to piss yourself off with... and I'm sick of it. I'm going to tell you once more, and that's it.

Fuck off, and leave me the hell alone.

I am *NOT* making my LJ Friends Only just to keep you off of here. I have tried being nice, and patient, and sympathetic... and now I am just sick to death of you.

I already went Christmas shopping. I already bought Pat a gift, (I also bought stuff for my other *friends* as well!) and he's getting it for Christmas.

You need to stop this bullshit, right now. Get over whatever issue you have with Pat and I living together, and live your life, without interfering with mine.

Oh yeah, by the way, I really don't appreciate the threats of bodily harm either. Get a life, Emily. You don't even *know* me, and yet you hate me and want to cause physical injury to me? Way to make friends.

As of now, you are banned from sending me anymore messages, and making comments in my journal.
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