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So... I am officially an FA user. THERE! I DID IT!!! :-P Now I just have to start magically sneezing out artwork. I'm starting by finishing up a couple of badges, and then making Christmas cards.

Wow, I am like all into the spirit of Christmas this year, which is really odd for me, since Christmas is not exactly my favorite holiday of the year (I am all about Halloween!!). But jaxxblackfox and I went early Christmas shopping at Metrotown yesterday, and all of the pretty shiny decorations totally got me inspired to do Christmassy arts.

Actually, a lot of events that have been going on in my life over the last couple of months have given me tons of awesome ideas for new artwork... I just haven't had the time to get anything onto paper in ages. But now that I have a new lightbox, and an FA account, I'm going to start getting myself into gear, and start cranking out some personal pieces, before I resume my seriously overdue commissions. O___o


In other news, I have a new dog. Well, old new dog, as in she was living with my mom and sister, but they don't really have the time to take care of her properly, (and she is now costing me a bloody fortune in vet bills...) so I brought her back home with me. She's a Chihuahua.

Yes, laugh all you want. I never pictured myself as Chi' owner either, me being all into my Pit Bulls and Rotties and all... but Penny is super cute, and INTELLIGENT!!! She is going to make an awesome new demo dog, since I am retiring Mojo from that, and letting him just have a chilled life at home since he is older (Mojo's doing much better, by the way, though he got really sick a few days ago...). Penny is only 4 years old, and full of potential, and I am going to turn her into the most amazingly well-trained little Chihuahua in the world. ;) Except possibly for Peabody... that little Chi' is pretty damn awesome.

Now I just have to stop buying Penny new bling. She has three collars; one black leather with skull studs, one pink leather with spikes, and one pink satin with Playboy Bunny studs.

Yes, I know I'm sick. <3
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