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Howloween, and Visiting Toronto - Are You Gay?

Only because of the Musical and Acting questions, I'm sure, because I am totally all about that kind of stuff. Victor Victoria is also one of my favorite films now, that Tim introduced me to. ^__^

Howloween was freakin' awesome, (thanks, aphinity!) and I had a blast hanging out with my friends there, and also made some new friends too. Was very flattered as well to be considered "one of the guys." I love you guys, you're the best. ;)

I also did some things at the con that I've never done before, like danced in fursuit. I kind of had to talk myself into that one... Despite not being able to see a damn thing though, it was actually a lot of fun, and I got to dance with some cool gals (in particular this one kitty-chick who really liked my suit). Apparently I dance like a lesbian. :-P

I also helped laceaurora, and amranx do a fursuit performance panel. OMG Amran is the cutest thing EVAR!!! I heart Amran a lot. XD

I also heart theamazingkodi a lot as well, and hope that it won't be too long before we can all be hangin' out again. :) *wags* I really had a lot of fun.

I didn't sleep for like two days, since I had to catch a flight to Toronto the morning right after Howloween. But I am now safe and sound in Toronto, and will be here until Saturday the 15th, and am finally getting my stuff out of storage and shipped out to Vancouver. I am also going to be dragging jaxxblackfox (and Taffy) out to BC with me for two weeks, and notasiwas_blue (and Sweetie) will be flying out as well to try out the grooming job at Absolute K9 for a couple of months. I am also bringing Penny back with me, so we'll have like four dogs running around the apartment soon. So looks like my place is going to be pretty crowded for a little while. :-P

*noms on some shredded coconut*
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