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So, I took Mojo in to the Vet's office on Thursday. He wasn't showing as bad symptoms as he was on Wednesday previously, so the Vet had a hard time diagnosing anything based off of his physical condition. He recommended a blood test to start with, to see if anything could be picked up. The earlier something can be picked up, the better (plus, I wanted to eventually have a dental done on him, which would require a blood test anyway, so I got to kill two birds with one stone). He said in the meantime to just keep a close eye on him, and if his condition should get worse, then the next step would be to take some X-rays.

The Vet was a really nice guy, and said that Mojo looked to be a pretty healthy weight, had clean ears, clear eyes, and seemed to be in good overall condition. He said I was a good Mommy. ^___^ *wags*

They called me back today with the results of the blood test, and they said that his liver is fine, kidneys are fine, etc. They asked me how his energy level was, and if I had noticed him gaining any weight at all. I told them he's just as energetic as he's always been, (he's a very happy, bouncy and tap-dancey dog) and as far as his weight goes, if anything I thought he looked a bit thinner than normal, so I actually just recently increased his food from two cups, to three cups a day. I have noticed in the last week that he's been drinking a little more than usual, but his blood test ruled out Diabetes.

They said that they were a bit surprised, since the blood test did show that his thyroid hormone level was rather low. So the test results suggest that Mojo may have Hypothyroidism, which may actually explain the muscle weakness and nerve disturbances that he's seemed to be having recently. But then again, I've read that Sighthounds (and Mojo is mixed with Greyhound) have much lower T4 levels than other breeds.

In any case, they're going to do a more detailed test to confirm it, and if the case is that he does have hypothyroidism, it just means that he'll have to be on medication for the rest of his life. I can deal with that! My last dog was on medication for urinary incontinence, so getting back into a daily medication routine won't be hard to fall back into. I will keep y'all posted on Mojo's condition.

In other news, a camera crew was in at work yesterday, filming a segment for a TV show that's going to air this spring. It's a popular dog show, aired world-wide, and this episode was focused on grooming, and they were checking out different grooming locations around Vancouver, to see what different services each one offered. So Christine and I spent most of the day cleaning up the grooming salon as much as we could, and doing a bit of repainting before the cameras arrived. Granted we are just a small grooming shop, and nowhere near as fancy as say The Rex Dog Hotel and Spa, or Mestisos Pet Spa, but still, it was pretty exciting, and we get free worldwide advertising, with our shop's name in the credits, and a link on their website. So yeah, that was pretty cool. :) *wags*

This week also seemed to be the week for biting Jessie. I got bit by an asshole of a German Shepherd on Thursday, on my right arm... and then on Friday I got bit on the left arm by a Rottweiler who didn't want her nails cut. Good thing she had a nylon muzzle on, but she still got me with her front teeth, and it friggin' hurt! That dog meant business! O___o

On a good note though, I got a raise to $11/hr, even though I'm not finished my 3-month trial period yet. It's really nice to have a boss who is also my friend, and who recognizes and appreciates the hard work I do. Likewise, I totally love my job, and am actually starting to increase my hours, and should be working full-time by the New Year. Yay for being able to pay my bills. ;)
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