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Aww, Shit... Not Again...

Crap. I think that Mojo's developing the same nerve damage problems that Barkley did...

A couple of weeks ago I noticed him dragging his nails once in a while, when out on walks, but figured at the time it was because his nails were too long. They've since been cut pretty short, and I still hear him dragging them. Today when I asked him to sit at the corner before crossing the street as normal, I noticed he was having a hard time sitting... he'd sit slanted, with one leg way off to one side under him, then he'd get up again. He doesn't seem to be in any kind of pain... just discomfort.

I really started watching him walk after that... he is walking with a very slight sway/wobble. When I got him home this afternoon, I checked his back legs and hips. His back end feels a bit weak. I lifted one leg at a time to see how he was balancing on them. Again, a bit of a sway when I had one knee bent, and when I put his leg back down, he set it down on his knuckle. Not good at all. That's exactly the same signs Barkley showed, when he was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, and six months later he could barely freakin' use his back legs at all. -____-

I so don't want to go through this again... *ears back* Cripes... I hope it's not as bad as I'm guessing it is. I'm going to keep a very close eye on Mojo for the next couple of weeks, before taking him to a Vet. And no more obedience training - I just want him to relax and enjoy his time here.

If it does end up being DM, at least that would be relatively painless, unlike hip dysplasia. Only it's so not f'ing easy to watch your dog's back end become paralyzed and useless over a slow period of time...

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