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Spread The Love!!!

OMG. My Landmark Forum experience was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! The last three days have been the most intense and tiring (with only 6 hours of sleep in 3 days...) and yet absolutely inspiring, moving, and profound experience ever. There were 140 people who participated, and I have never seen so many people - all perfect strangers - be so courageous and powerful, in sharing their very deep and private stories with the rest of us, and showing such support and love for everyone there... it really was a very tearful and emotionally empowering event. And our Forum Leader ROCKED so f'ing hard!! She was like... so amazing... I can't even describe it. O___o

So now I'm like stupidly happy and loving everything, and wanting to spread this absolutely amazing insight to everyone I know, so that they can find that power in themselves to create extraordinary possibilities for themselves, and then share it with others. We hold ourselves back so much, as Human Beings... and we really don't have to. Again, I have no way at all to describe it. It's just like... wow. Seriously.

I know some people are probably like, "Jesus H. Christ, Jessie, what the hell kind of drugs are you on, bitch?" Life, dude. I'm telling ya. ;)

I realize that Landmark is not for everyone... some people may not be ready for it, because it gets you to really take a look at yourself and your life in ways that can be absolutely terrifying to some. But it lets you come face to face with who you really are by taking a look at who you've been in the past, and allows you to choose to take positive action in your life, and produce amazing possibilities for your future. And the results happen right now.

Really, it is an awesome, awesome course to take. If there has been anyone in your life who's recommended it to you, it's because they are really moved and inspired by the person that you are, they really care about you, and they see greatness and real potential in you to be the best that you can be. That's it.

I honestly have to say that my Landmark experience has put my faith back in Humanity as a whole. I wish that everyone on the planet would get this kind of insight - I believe that the world would be a much better place.

Happy. ^___^ *wags*
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