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I Have My First Official Clients!!

Okay, screw my hiatus for now...

I have my first official in-home boarding, and potential future training clients!! ^______^

OMG! I went to their house tonight, and met their dogs, and talked training and stuff, and they gave me a tour of their house, and gave me a glass of wine. It was so awesome, and they were really listening to what I had to say! And I actually KNEW what I was talking about!! OMG!

I may also have two other potential boarding clients this month. One is a dog-aggressive Jack Russel Terrier, and the other is the little Pit Bull mix puppy from work. My gods, if I can manage to take on two or three boarding clients a month, that's like an extra $600 a month, that I never really considered, on top of the work I already do at Absolute K9, and on top of the work I'll soon be doing for Petcetera, teaching group obedience classes a couple evenings a week.

I totally love my job. *GRINS AND WAGS*
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