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Jessie Gets Lots Of Wood...

Damn Settlers of Catan. *smirks*

Pat: "Jessie gets Wood... and Jessie gets some more Wood..."

Jessie: "Son of a bitch!! No more goddamn Wood! Why the hell can't I get a Sheep?!"


So I had a very nice conversation with a disabled guy on the bus ride home tonight. His name was Jason, and he was very cool, but has had it rather rough. Makes me think... that I am actually very lucky, despite the crap that I am going through right now. It's easy for us to get depressed and bogged down and wrapped up so much in our own lives, that we may feel at times that our lives are worthless and we just want to give up on everything. But then we stop and look at how some other people have to live... and realize that we don't actually have it as rough as we feel we do.

Still... feelings are very hard to get past, sometimes.

I wonder how I might be able to get into training Assistance Dogs. I would love to get Mojo trained up well enough to actually get him certified as a Therapy Dog, eventually. I loved training Zena, and she was almost perfect in any public situation... if only she could have gotten over her dog aggression. :/ But Mojo doesn't have that issue. He's been brilliant, so far. And it's very good to be able to go on a quiet evening walk with a dog again. It helped a lot, tonight.

I'm thinking of taking a little hiatus. I really need to just get through a lot of stuff, right now.

*hugs to all of her friends*
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