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It's Just Like On "COPS"...

Well, tonight was exciting! O___o

Blue, Pat and I were just about to start on dinner and a movie, when I noticed a rather alarming buzzing noise coming from outside, what sounded a lot like a plane circling the house. At first the other two brushed it off as probably nothing big, but it was quite persistent, and really starting to worry me.

So I opened the door and glanced outside... and sure enough there was a helicopter buzzing around overhead, and a bunch of flashing red and blue lights just up the ally way on Joyce, not even a block behind our house. I'm thinking, jeez... what's going on? So Pat said he'd go take a look, and I of course told him to be careful, and I stayed inside and waited in the living room with Blue.

A few minutes later, Pat came back in and said, "Stay inside! Don't go out! We're keeping the doors locked, and we should knock on the door upstairs and tell our Landlords to do the same!"

I was like, WTF is going on? Turns out there was a fugitive on the loose, hiding right around our backyard. @___@ There were squad cars positioned around the entire block, and they were working the search lights and had a police dog out searching for the guy. Like five minutes later we heard the dog barking (found him!) - sounded like he was right at our neighbor's house, too. About five minutes after that, a police wagon drove off, right past our living room window.

That was way too close to home. Reminds me of the time the police surrounded our old neighbor's house, at *gun point*, when I was still living in Toronto. That guy was F-ing nuts, and my mom actually let him into our house!

...Oh yeah, Mojo refused to poop all day, so I had to take him for a walk, after all of this commotion (I wish that he would just poop in the damn backyard... -___-). It was just a little nerve-wracking, but thankfully Pat accompanied me.

Enough excitement for me, for one evening! *goes to bed*
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