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Dog Update

Mojo is now here, safe and sound. He's been so amazing so far, totally quiet, I keep on forgetting there is now a dog in the house. O___o

He's being kenneled right now, and only comes out to do his business, and stretch his legs a bit. But he is taking living in his crate very graciously (especially since it's just a bit on the small side for him... but Tim is bringing me a bigger crate on Monday).

So, Mojo's starting with the very basics, beginning with learning not to rush out of the crate when I open the door. He gets all hyped up and shaky (he's a very excitable dog) any time I go near the crate. I basically have to ignore the excited behavior, and wait until he sits and calms down, before I open the door. Any time he gets up and tries to push his head through the door, the door closes. It's been taking quite a few repetitions with him so far, but he is starting to get it, after only the second day. He is beginning to now sit and wait, even with the door wide open, until I tell him to "Break". So, he is also learning the break command.

Same as with the crate, he is also learning not to rush out the front door. He has to sit and wait calmly, and when I open the door, if he tries to bolt out in front of me, the door closes. Again, lots of repetition, but he's learning that he doesn't go outside unless I go out first.

I do need to work on getting more of a routine bathroom schedule going with him, though. Especially since he is on a new type of food, and is getting the runs. It's not helped that I've been in bed with the flu for most of this weekend. -___- I'm thinking, "Oh my gods... I need to get up and let the dog out... and my head is pounding." What a time to get sick.

But anyway, this will be Mojo's life for the next week. Starting next weekend, I will try him lose in the house, with a drag-line on. That should be interesting, considering that Mojo has about the same energy level that abulldogslife did, when I first handed Taffy over to jaxxblackfox. ;) How long did Taffy live in her crate for, Jaxx? Like, the first year of her living with you? :-P But she turned out pretty damn great, if you ask me (and she was a challenge)! :)

All in all, Mojo is a sweet dog, and I agree with Tim, that he will be wonderful to train up. :3 He's pretty darn intelligent! Gotta figure out how to get him to stop humping legs, though. @___@
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