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Pretty Boy & Work Stuffs

I went to the studio today, to pick up a check for Tim, and on my way out I was sharing the elevator with a family, and some other guy from the studio. When we got to the ground floor, I went out ahead and held the door open for the others. The guy was the last person to exit, and he looked at me, nodded and said, "Thank you, sir!"

*snickers* That's like the second time in two or three weeks that someone thought I was a guy. :} I find it rather amusing. I was wearing baggier clothes today, though. Guess I'm just a pretty boy. ;)

In other news, I started my second job working at Absolute K9 yesterday. I brought Zena here for group obedience classes last summer, although at the time I was not totally thrilled with their services. Christine is the new owner now - she just bought the place from Shelly and Jaime, and has big plans to completely renovate the place bit by bit throughout the next year, and give it a major face lift. There was *so* much stuff that the last owners overlooked, and I've spent the last two days cleaning out a lot of junk that they let pile up over time.

I'm now working there half-days on Wed. Thurs. and Fri. as a groomer, and also working in the daycare. Currently though, I am only doing bath/brush/tidies, since I'm not experienced enough with full-on clips and styles. So they are looking to get in a full-time professional groomer as well. The first couple of days have been pretty cool, though. Yesterday I had a Pomeranian, a MinPin, and a FAT Pit Bull to groom (my gods, I can't believe they let that dog get that big!! Pit Bulls are supposed to be lean and athletic, not the size of walruses!!). Today I had an older Rottie (who was the biggest baby ever!!). Was supposed to get a Cocker Spaniel in tomorrow, but they are rescheduling for next week. Oh yeah, I also got tips! I totally forgot about that, with grooming. So that made me happy. :3

Tomorrow will mostly be working in the daycare, and doing some more cleaning. I want to completely gut the grooming room, pull *everything* away from the walls, and give the place a major scrub down, cos the place looks like it hasn't been properly cleaned out in months. O___o Christine is totally cool with letting me own that grooming room, and reorganizing it however I want.

Other than that, the days are very relaxed and laid back, and Christine is awesome to work with. I may even have my first in-home boarding client soon, since one of the daycare dogs' owner is going on vacation, and is looking for someone to take care of her puppy. Really cute Pit mix puppy, and I would be totally thrilled to keep her for a few days and work on her training as well. :)

Things are also rolling along with my apprenticeship, and we are beginning a four-part curriculum in a week. It'll be my first time teaching in front of a large group, and so I'm a bit nervous, but I've decided that I'm just going to go with it. Once I do one class, the rest will start getting much easier.

So that's what's going on. Yay for working with dogs! It's the best friggin' job ever. ^^ *wags*
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