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Well, the Housewarming Party was a huge success. ^___^ I spent a lot of time cooking (and Pat spent a lot of time fanning out the clouds and clouds of smoke that erupted from the oven - the smoke detector was very angry!). Thankfully I did not burn the house down. I made two huge meat lasagnas, and a vegetarian Shepherd's Pie for my veggie-head friends, which was very well-received!

Thank you to everyone who showed up (much more people than I was expecting, and even an old friend surprised me by dropping by - good to see you again, Silfur!). I am totally glad that everyone had such a good time! :3

Also, thank you very much for the pretty flowers and card, Tim! I put them out on the living room coffee table, and everyone thought they were very nice. Especially Delmir. "Jessie, can I squeeze your snapdragons?"

I think that I can say now, without a doubt, that I am more of a party-goer than a party holder, though. ;) I enjoyed hosting this one, but I think this will be something I will do once in a blue moon from now on. :-P

Thanks again, you guys! You made it a very awesome experience! *wags*
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